Daddies Spit Roast Teenage Nestor

This is the audition movie that got Latino teenager Nestor cast in a Raw Me Dad scene. Seated in front of the camera, the teen man is presented with a huge not cut pecker to suck on. After servicing dad Joris the two kiss, as Nestor’s clothes are stripped off. With both nude, the oral continues, and soon producer Ferdinand adds his pecker for the twink to suck on. Then, on all fours, Nestor continues blowing Ferdinand, while Joris licks his butt. Tongue is soon replaced with hard penis, and petite Nestor finds himself getting condomless spit roasted by the two daddies. Ferdinand goes back to focusing on the camera work, while Joris fucks the teenager in a couple of more positions, ending with Nestor wearing both of their jizz loads.

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